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Celebrate and get a free photoshoot!

On August 26, 2018, it will be 20 years ago that my website was born. Time to celebrate! Celebrate and get a free photoshoot! Have you worked with me before? Or would you like to work with me for the first time? Now is the time to work together and you pay nothing. Signing up is really easy! Send me the location where you’d like to shoot I make most of my pictures on great locations. Exploring new locations is part of the fun. So if you have been to a great location which is ideal for photoshooting, let me know! Just send me the location and your name by sending me an email, by dm on Instagram or WhatsApp. Check the contact page for more information. I will give away a maximum of 3 photoshoots. Signing up closes August 26 2018, 8 PM CET Signing up is possible between my birthday in June and my website’s anniversary on August 26. The winners will be announced anytime between June and August 27, 2018. If you win, you will be offered the following The photoshoot includes: 1,5 hours of shooting 10 web format pictures of 1000 pixels wide or high in […]

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Bodybuilder running and cardio video

After the Running Bodybuilder Case article, I was asked to make a video of a bodybuilder running and doing cardio exercises. Bodybuilder running and cardio video recorded in Barcelona We recorded the video on two separate days. On the first day, the rain had just been falling, creating some nice reflections on the floor. On the second day, the sunlight was very harsh, but the sky was blue. We recorded the bodybuilder running about five times. He also showed some great examples of cardio exercises, like jumping jacks. Soon available: a separate promo video The running and cardiovascular exercises were not the main target of the shooting days. We made some great pictures under the shower and even a fashion shoot on the street. More pictures will be available soon!

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The Running Bodybuilder Case Traditional to new media: a shift from being paid to pay them

I posted a picture on Instagram of a running bodybuilder. The big guy is being chased by a little girl. I called the picture ” Run For Your Life“, referring to the game the kid was playing with the guy. The Running Bodybuilder Case My post on Instagram received a reasonable amount of likes. Let’s say 500 in the first 24 hours. People seemed to like the running bodybuilder and the happy kid behind him. So I thought, why not explore the possibilities of some extra exposure. Traditional to new media: a shift from being paid to pay them I reached out to several big fitness and bodybuilding accounts on Instagram. The only thing I did was send them the running bodybuilder picture. The results varied, but of course all of the big accounts wanted money. Their rates? 10 to 20 USD for one shout out at their page. Some accounts would delete the picture after 24 hours, resulting in an additional payment to keep the picture there. They do not guarantee the shout out will be profitable for you. So around 15 USD for a publication, paid by you, the copyright owner and creator of the picture. In the […]

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Counting down: 9 months to go

So it’s March 2018 and Rowin Dreef Photography is counting down. 9 months to go So, counting down to what? What will happen in December 2018? That will be a surprise for now. If you want, I will keep you posted. Just let me know!

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Professional Imaging 2018

On March 25, Rowin Dreef Photography will be attending the annual Professional Imaging event. The event will take place in the Dutch town of Nijkerk, about half an hour East of Amsterdam. Hope to meet you there! More information about the event is available at┬áprofessionalimaging.nl.  

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Rowin Dreef Photography goes GoPro!

2018 offers new challenges and possibilities. So let’s go GoPro! Rowin Dreef Photography goes GoPro! As off 2018, Rowin Dreef Photography adds a great new feature to our products: GoPro photo and video. The GoPro brand is popular among action cam users. We can now offer you great action videos. And here’s our new baby: the GoPro Karma drone The Rowin Dreef GoPro Karma drone made its maiden flight in December 2017. The drone is now fully operational to make great aerial photos and videos. The results are simply amazing! GoPro will work together with Canon GoPro is great for action videos. Of course, Rowin Dreef Photography will keep using Canon cameras and lenses for high quality photoshoots. We will team up to make 2018 and beyond the best years ever!  

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January 2018: Miami

Rowin Dreef Photography is coming back to Miami! Now taking orders for Miami 2018! In January, Rowin Dreef Photography will be hibernating in Miami, FLA. A great chance to do some photoshoots too. Brickell? Miami Beach? Virginia Key? Anything is possible! Contact me if interested Would you like to work with me in Miami in January 2018? Just contact me or send me a message on Instagram Messenger. See you in 2018!

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Photoshoot Thomas Cammaert

Another shoot at Amsterdam Wharf! Photoshoot with actor Thomas Cammaert Thomas Cammaert is an actor and TV personality from Amsterdam. He is also known for his various dramatic film roles. In 2017, Thomas featured on the Dutch TV series “Wie is de mol”. Photos at Amsterdam Wharf We took several pictures at the picturesque Amsterdam NDSM Wharf. You will find Thomas Cammaert’s pictures below You will find a selection of the pictures Thomas and I took in Amsterdam.  

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Book before Oct. 1 to get 2017 rate!

It’s almost October! Book before October 1, 2017 to get 2017 rate! Every year from 1 October, the rates for photoshoots go up a little. Would you like to work with me, but want to pay the 2017 rate? Even if you would like to work with me in 2018? Book your photoshoot today and you will pay the 2017 rate! Offer is valid until September 30. Feel free to contact me The easiest way from the website is through the Contact page. Or hit me up on Instagram: @rowindreef.

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