Model release

So you would like to work with me. Great! But you would like to have more information about the so-called model release. You will find more information on this page. I have tried to avoid legal terms.

What is a model release or quitclaim?

A model release is a form. By signing the form, the subject of a photograph (the model) grants permission to publish the photograph in one form or another.

–> MODEL RELEASE (English)


Copyright versus personality rights

  • Copyright in photography means that you own an image you created. The law says you created that image as soon as the shutter is released.
  • Personality rights are the right of an individual to control the commercial use of one’s identity, such as name, image, likeness, or other unequivocal identifiers.

Why sign a model release?

Easy put: to allow a photographer to publish pictures of you. In photography, the photographer owns the copyright of the pictures he takes. The predominant point of reference, however, is that any publication of a portrait photograph requires consent of the person depicted. A model release is needed for publication where personality rights or privacy rights would otherwise be infringed.

Why do you work with a model release?

Rowin Dreef Photography publishes pictures to showcase its work. The pictures on the website or other media were probably the reason why you contacted Rowin Dreef Photography in the first place. It is important as a photographer to keep improving yourself and also to keep updating your work.

I have another question …

Hopefully this page has helped you understand why Rowin Dreef Photography works with a model release. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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