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New shirt that supports your body

Last year, a new Rowin Dreef Under Armour Tee was released. Thanks to your nice reviews, it’s time to release a new shirt! The new Rowin Dreef compression shirt You asked for it, so here it is: the brand new Under Armour compression shirt with Rowin Dreef logo. The shirt is available in sizes S, M and L. Because it’s a compression shirt, it fits tight around your body. The shirt is ideal for cardiovascular exercises. And if you go out for a run, the Rowin Dreef shirt supports your shoulders, pecs and arms. Running hasn’t been more comfortable than with this new shirt. While running bodybuilder Dion shows the support the shirts provides for your body Seeing is believing. While running bodybuilder Dion could test the new shirt. As you can see, the shirt provides supports for his whole core. Even after minutes of running bodybuilder Dion was comfortable in his Rowin Dreef compression shirt The shirt supports your core throughout your work-out. Bodybuilder Dion pushed his body to the limit and ran 10K an hour for 10 minutes, even when the temperature was over 30 degrees centigrade (86F)! The shirt showed signs of sweat, but managed to support […]

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We are back open! Welcome!

Rowin Dreef Photography is open. Welcome back! We are back open, so get Rowinized! At Rowin Dreef Photography we remain committed to doing everything we can to continue supporting you during these challenging times. We closed on 15 March, but we are exited to announce our reopening! We are looking forward to working with you! Please follow these new instructions 1 model per photo session. The studio is small, so only the model and the photographer are allowed to enter the studio at the same time. So no MUA’s and no BFs, GFs, BFFs etc.  Keep a social distance of 1.5 meters (6 feet). Feel free to contact us! If you have any doubts, let’s take away these doubts. Here’s some easy ways to contact us: Email: DM: @rowindreef Thank you!

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Free virtual backgrounds

Our lives have changed since we started practising social distancing. But let’s not forget the fun! Free to download: backgrounds for your online meetings Using Zoom, Skype, Meet and Teams have quickly become a way of life for many of us. Everything from work meetings to birthday celebrations are now happening online as we practice social distancing. So why not have a little fun with it? Have fun with your new background! Maybe a new background brings back memories of a great trip. Or reminds you of previous summers when everything was normal. All pictures here are 1920×1080 pixels.

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Get Rowinized with Rowin Dreef

The year 2020, a new decade. Time for a tagline! Get Rowinized! Rowin Dreef Photography proudly presents the new tagline: Get Rowinized! From now on, you can see this new tagline on the website, social media and elsewhere. There’s even a video accompanying the new tagline

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Bodybuilder GIF about social distancing went viral

Bodybuilder needs more space around him in order to practise social distancing, but he is in a tight seat. Because he needs a bigger seat, or preferably two, he is slowly bumping against the stranger next to him, hoping he will give up his seat.

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Closed until further notice

These are unprecedented times, with each of us experiencing different levels of concern. Rowin Dreef Photography will reopen as soon as permitted In adherence with state guidelines concerning COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, Rowin Dreef Photography will be temporarily closing operations, starting 6pm on March 15th until further guidance from the state government. We will miss all of our valued guests, models and MUAs and whenever this passes we’ll be back at the studio waiting for you.

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Now taking orders for 2020

2020 is coming close. Time to think about the new year! Now taking orders for 2020 Need a new profile picture for your social media? Competing in 2020? It is now possible to book your photo shoot for 2020. The good news is: the price has not changed! Life is getting more expensive every year. Your favorite photo shoots aren’t! You can still book your shoots at the same price! I’d be happy to work with you Getting in touch is easy: Just send me an email: Got Instagram? Feel free to dm me: @rowindreef

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Your professional pics for free!

This year, Rowin Dreef Photography offers you one last chance for free pictures. Get you free photo shoot on November 6! Have you worked with me before? Or would you like to work with me for the first time? Now is the time to work together and you pay nothing. Send me your name by email: Signing up is easy. Just send me your name by email. Check the contact page for more information. I will give away a maximum of 3 photo shoots, that will take place in Apeldoorn on November 6, 2019. Signing up closes November 5 2019, 1 PM CET The winners will be announced Tuesday afternoon. If you win, you will be offered the following The photo shoot includes: 1,5 hours of shooting 10 web format pictures of 1500 pixels wide or high in sRGB format The photo shoot does not include: A make-up artist. Bring your own, or see if Hans is available. Ask for his rates. Travel expenses. Please keep in mind the following: The photo shoot will take place on November 6, 2019, in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. No nudity. The winner, like all models, is asked to sign a model release (quit […]

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First photo shoot in the new studio!

September 1, 2019, will be remembered as the day the new photo studio opened. Leon van Eek was the first to have a photo shoot in the new studio! Leon and I took a variety of photos. We made a series of portraits with the dark background. Leon asked for a series of photos to be used for his social media accounts too, LinkedIn in particular. The white background was used to make that series. Thanks Leon for trying out the studio It was Leon’s very first photo shoot. Leon was very relaxed, like if he did hundreds of photo shoots before. He also had tons of patience. Trying out a new photo place takes some time, but he gave me the opportunity to test various set-ups.

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Rotterdam Pride 2019

Rowin Dreef Photography took to the streets of Rotterdam Rotterdam celebrated Rotterdam Pride 2019 Here’s a selection of Rotterdam Pride 2019 pics. These pictures were taken at the main event at Theater Square, on September 28, 2019.

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