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New: Rowin Dreef Under Armour Tee

Now available! The new Rowin Dreef T-shirt is from Under Armour Rowin Dreef and Under Armour teamed up for the brand new Rowin Dreef T-shirt. The Under Armour Heatgear shirt has the Rowin Dreef logo embroidered on the chest. Get your own Rowin Dreef Tee for only $ 22,99 or € 20,99 The T-shirt comes in 3 sizes: S, M and L. Remember that the Under Armour Heatgear is a loose fit shirt. Subject to availability. The prices exclude shipping costs. Start here to get your own.

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New: Illustrator try-outs

We’re trying out Adobe Illustrator! New: your photo turned into an illustration Today we have tried out Adobe Illustrator. The picture you see on this page is the second try-out. The first try-out was a selfie. If try-outs are successful, then illustrations in Adobe Illustrator will be added to our portfolio. The illustration is muscle model of Jonatan Bravo The illustration was based on a photo that we took before.

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Work-out video 2019 (France)

This year again, Rowin Dreef Photography created a work-out video. The work-out video 2019 was shot in France The video was shot in April 2019. We don’t make videos very often, so each video is a nice way of broadening our portfolio. Any suggestions are appreciated! Since editing is not our core business, every suggestion is very much welcomed.

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Rowin’s website 20th anniversary

Today, August 26, 2018, is a special day! Today, it has been 20 years since my first website launched Back in the 90s, I was a student at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The internet was still slow in the 90s, but the university had fast online access. The circumstances were ideal to create a simple website. Creating the first website: pen and paper I started creating my first website in Spain, not in Nijmegen. During my summer holidays in Platja d’Aro, I read the book “Basiscursus HTML”. Based on the book, I wrote the code for my first website. By hand, using pen and paper! Back at university, I turned my handwriting into my first HTML code. “Rowin’s homepage” – that’s how I baptised my first website – was born. From blog to photography My first website contained some general information about my life. It must have been one of the world’s first blogs! In 2004, it got the name, which became quite a popular blog. When I took the first steps into photography, I maintained two websites. In 2017, I decided to close the blog and to rebrand Rowin Photography into Rowin Dreef. The website has […]

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It’s spring! Win a photoshoot!

It’s spring! Time for some new photos. Win a photoshoot. Signing up is easy! Have you worked with me before? Or would you like to work with me for the first time? Now is the time to work together and you pay nothing. Signing up is really easy! Tag @rowindreef to your next Instagram posting When you post your next photo on Instagram, just tag @rowindreef. This way you can show me you would like to sign up for the free photoshoot. Remember: if you tag @rowindreef, your post will automatically appear on, enabling me to see your entry. Please no tags to unappropriate photos, since they will be excluded. It’s me who decides if a post is unappropriate or not 😉 Signing up closes March 14 2018, 8 PM CET After March 14, feel free to delete the @rowindreef tag. Remember that the longer a tag is visible, the highest the chance you’ll win! The winner will be announced March 15. If you win, you will be offered the following The photoshoot includes: 1,5 hours of shooting 10 web format pictures of 1000 pixels wide or high in sRGB format The photoshoot does not include: A make-up artist. Bring your own, […]

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Now in 3 sizes: the Rowin Dreef tee

You may have seen it before: the Rowin Dreef tee. The Rowin Dreef tee is now available in 3 sizes The T-shirt is available in Small, Medium and Large. So for most of you, there will be a shirt that fits your size. Why want a picture with a Rowin Dreef tee? I am creating a series of photos of people wearing the Rowin Dreef tee. If you would like to help extend the series, you will get a 15% discount on the total rate. Contact me if interested You can contact me through the Contact page.

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Milkshake Festival 2017 in pictures

29 and 30 of July, 2017, the Amsterdam Westerpark turned into the event of the year: Milkshake Festival 2017. Here’s a collection of Milkshake Festival 2017 pictures I will let the pictures speak for themselves. So many beautiful people should make one speechless anyway. Thanks for your smiles This is my annual pay-off. Without you, I would not be able to make pictures of beautiful people. Keep spreading your smiles and thanks for sharing yours with me! Feel free to contact me Can’t find your picture of Milkshake Festival 2017? Want to see more? Inbox me or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.  

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Tilburgse Kermis 2017 in pictures

What a party it was: Tilburgse Kermis 2017! Check out pictures of Roze Maandag at Tilburgse Kermis 2017 Monday July 24, the Dutch city of Tilburg went pink. At the annual Tilburg Fair Monday is pink Monday. For the third year in a row, I was there to make some pictures. Check them out below. Contact me if you can’t find your picture Below is just a small selection of pictures. Can’t find your picture? Please feel free to contact me. Next event: Milkshake Festival If we still didn’t meet in Tilburg, let’s grab our chance in Amsterdam. See you Saturday and Sunday in Westerpark, Amsterdam!  

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World Pride Madrid 2017 in pictures

World Pride Madrid 2017 has ended. What a big event it was! Check a selection of pictures of World Pride Madrid 2017 In this article, I included a selection of pictures. Have you been lensed by me and you can’t find your photo? Feel free to contact me. Una selección de fotos del World Pride Madrid 2017 Abajo encontrarás una selección de fotos ¿No encuentras tu foto? Ponte en contacto conmigo.  

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See you at Alkmaar Pride on May 27

This Saturday, you will find Rowin Dreef Photography working at Alkmaar Pride. Alkmaar Pride is where pictures are made If you happen to be in Alkmaar this Saturday, be aware of any cameras. One of the cameras could be mine. It would be great if you would smile if you see mee. I will return the favor by making a nice picture. Let’s meet in Alkmaar Will you be in Alkmaar? It would be great to meet you. Make sure to check out Instagram Stories at @rowindreef. Or let me know where you will be. See you on Saturday May 27 And once again, but this time in advance: thanks for your smiles!

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