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June 1, 2018 by Rowin Dreef Uncategorized 0

Bodybuilder running and cardio video

Bodybuilder running and cardio video

After the Running Bodybuilder Case article, I was asked to make a video of a bodybuilder running and doing cardio exercises.

Bodybuilder running and cardio video recorded in Barcelona

We recorded the video on two separate days. On the first day, the rain had just been falling, creating some nice reflections on the floor. On the second day, the sunlight was very harsh, but the sky was blue. We recorded the bodybuilder running about five times. He also showed some great examples of cardio exercises, like jumping jacks.

Soon available: a separate promo video

The running and cardiovascular exercises were not the main target of the shooting days. We made some great pictures under the shower and even a fashion shoot on the street. More pictures will be available soon!

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