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May 25, 2017 by Rowin Dreef News 0

See you at Alkmaar Pride on May 27

See you at Alkmaar Pride on May 27

This Saturday, you will find Rowin Dreef Photography working at Alkmaar Pride.

Alkmaar Pride is where pictures are made

If you happen to be in Alkmaar this Saturday, be aware of any cameras. One of the cameras could be mine. It would be great if you would smile if you see mee. I will return the favor by making a nice picture.

Let’s meet in Alkmaar

Will you be in Alkmaar? It would be great to meet you. Make sure to check out Instagram Stories at @rowindreef. Or let me know where you will be.

See you on Saturday May 27

And once again, but this time in advance: thanks for your smiles!

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