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March 1, 2023 by Rowin Dreef News 2

The Making Of “Regulator Recovery”

The Making Of “Regulator Recovery”

A video made during a photoshoot for some diving instructions.

The “Regulator Recovery” video

Any diver needs to know how to recover their regulator. The over-the-shoulder reach technique is one of the more effective techniques for lost regulator recovery. The diver leans towards the right while reaching back with the right hand trying to reach the first stage of the regulator. Then following the hose from the first stage with the right hands thumb and forefinger so the diver can find the second stage and retrieve it.

Difficult technique

Many find the over-the-shoulder technique a little tricky and prefer the sweep method, however with a little bit of practice, the over-the-shoulder retrieval is more reliable. During the shoot this technique proved to be difficult, because we took the pictures outside the water. In that case the model, who was a muscular guy with big arms, had to reach further back, which was very hard for him to do. He just couldn’t reach the hose with his hand, but after a little practice – and a little help – he managed to do it.

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