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February 1, 2018 by Rowin Dreef Uncategorized 0

Rowin Dreef Photography goes GoPro!

2018 offers new challenges and possibilities. So let’s go GoPro! Rowin Dreef Photography goes GoPro! As off 2018, Rowin Dreef Photography adds a great new feature to our products: GoPro photo and video. The GoPro brand is popular among action cam users. We can now offer you great action videos. And here’s our new baby: the GoPro Karma drone The Rowin Dreef GoPro Karma drone made its maiden flight in December 2017. The drone is now fully operational to make great aerial photos and videos. The results are simply amazing! GoPro will work together with Canon GoPro is great for action videos. Of course, Rowin Dreef Photography will keep using Canon cameras and lenses for high quality photoshoots. We will team up to make 2018 and beyond the best years ever!  

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